Saturday, August 18, 2007

Awesome workout yesterday

I did one of my favorite workouts yesterday. I got it from Allen and Coggan's book. Warm up for 15 minutes. Then, hold tempo power for an hour. Every 3 minute within the hour, jump out of the saddle for 10 seconds. I try to average over 600 watts for each of the efforts. Then, recover back down at tempo. I felt really good yesterday, and I tried to hold just under threshold power in the final 20 minutes. It is tougher recovering from the effort at threshold power rather than tempo, but that is much closer to the type of "recovery" I will see in a cross race. It's funny how my perception of "recovery effort" changes as I get into cross season. Anyway, the workout went really well, and I put up some new peak 45 minute and 60 minute power numbers. My normalized power for the last 20 min of the session was 259 watts. Hmmmm....back in February and March, that is what I was riding for 6-7 minute intervals!