Saturday, February 16, 2008

Super-Euro-Geek Status

I first saw one of these sweet inflators at Natz a couple of years back. Then I saw Stu wielding one in the pits all season. The straw that broke the camel's back was EVERYONE had one in the team boxes at Worlds. In my never ending quest to be the world's biggest cyclocross poser, I knew I had to have one. Rumors ran rampant that they were no longer made. Yes, the Wurth-produced model is no longer available, but Craftsman to the rescue! Behold, my new favorite toy...

Set the pressure you want (up to 40 psi), hold the trigger and it shuts off automatically when it hits the pressure. The inflator itself will inflate to 200 psi, but the auto shut-off does not work over 40 psi. But for cross, who cares? You shouldn't be running your cotton casing tubs over 30 psi anyway. You aren't, are you?

The inflator comes stock with a hose for Schraeder valves and an adapter for Presta. But the only way to fly is to use a Silca head. Yes, I sacrificed the hose from my 19 year old Silca pump.

I took the old barb that screws into the Silca pressure guage, turned it down to fit into the inflator and added a few ribs to give it some bite. I am sure there other creative ways to make it work if you don't have a lathe handy. But I do. So I used it.

Want one of your own?
You also need to buy the battery pack and charger.

Ridiculous waste of money? You bet! But now the good doctor can pump up her tires exactly the same way every time. Be the first on your block to have one...