Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cross in New Germany?

So, we are here. Here being our new home of Milwaukee, WI. It was a long drive, but we had a tremendous surprise mid-way when we had breakfast with Rosey at an IHOP in Avon, OH. Our paths crossed simply by chance and what a great treat it was. That boy looks fit and appears happy after riding 3800+ miles across the country. He has inspired me to ride home from WI next summer. And even though my trip will only be 20% of what his is going to end up doing, I will feel a bit connected to him by it. Maybe I can even talk him into coming with me!

Everyone has been incredibly nice and helpful so far. It's a wonder we actually get by in spite of ourselves back in New England. Rarely do you see people go out of there way for a stranger. It seems like the norm here. If only...

Rebecca is flying right now and is really psyched for cross. I, on the other hand, am a bit behind in my preparations. But I will be going back to MA for the month of August to do three things: finish the bikes I have on order, study for the MCAT and ride my fat ass off. Well, at least 5 pounds of my fat ass hopefully. Judging by my current condition, I am writing off September and most of October with the hope of coming on strong later. Maybe I'll even give a poke at Nationals. Hell, I'd have the opportunity to race the collegiate race and the 30+ race. Pretty cool, right?

More updates to come. But I can say one thing. All of the bike riders I have met out here so far are psyched for cross. I'm looking forward to ripping it up with them!