Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome to the get spanked session

Looking at the pre-reg list for Sunday's combined A/B race at Southington, it looks like an A race plus me and Josh. Ouch. It's a smaller field so far, but all of the dudes are freakin' fast. It will be a good taste of racing with some of those guys. And it's a really fun course, so it ought to be a blast.

A little clarification

I don't think the message that I wanted to send came across in my last post.

For the record:

I love hurdles. Bring 'em on. Just be creative about where you put them. One set in the middle of a 300 meter grass straightaway does very little to change the face of the race. But the set at Sucker Brook was well placed in my opinion. They hurt pretty good coming off that little rise.

I love getting on and off my bike. I have worked hard over the years to become somewhat decent at it.

Stairs would be cool. I envy the guys in Portland who have that one course with a couple of sets of stairs.

Bring on the sand. A 300 meter beach section would be sick.

I really like hard courses. The point I was trying to make is I think who shows up on race day is more important to cross racing than the course that is put together by the organizers. I would prefer tough competition over a tough course anyday. And having both would be the best case scenario.