Monday, September 10, 2007

Huffing Mastik

Lot's of tires to glue. Can my central nervous system take the fumes?

Sucker Brook is in 6 days. Holy moly.

Hup put up a great showing yesterday, crowned with a victory by PVB. The guy is a monster this year. I wish I could have witnessed it, but the good doctor and I chose to ride a charity ride in Worcester. 50 miles in the rain. It was awesome. She is impressively strong right now, but she got first hand exposure to what it is like riding with a bunch of cat 4s and 5s. Someone said "what do you get when you put 3 or more cat 4s together? A race." Yeah, this wasn't far off. Lot's of dumb antics going on. We kept letting them go because of the sketch factor, but then she kept catching them on the climbs. Hilarious. I flatted at mile 30, so that was the end of our "chase", but still a great ride. I'll have her type up her account and post it.

I feel good for Sucker Brook. But, I really have no idea about where my fitness is at. My fitness is higher than it has been in probably 10 years, but where the hell does that put me? I guess I'll know on Sunday.