Monday, August 27, 2007

It's on...

Cross in New Belgium has begun. Good sized fields turned out in Agawam, MA on Sunday for a great race. I played a support role for all my pals. It was great seeing everyone all together in one place again.

The good dcotor and I made it just in time to see the 4 race finish up. Hup-pal Josh had a couple of tire set backs, but he said he was riding well before the gremlins took over. Tony M was just finishing up his first-ever cross race. He rode well and it seems he may be hoooked. Dan O and Steve R also gave it a good show. Nice work, boys!

The Maters races kicked off next. JD and Brant had a great duel going. JD was putting the screws to everyone in the wooded sections, but Brant and his group would pull him back on the faster sections. A great battle. Very happy to see Brant getting supah-fit again. Eyebob and The Waterboy were also out there putting in some hard efforts. Eyebob is coming off Lyme Disease, so I guess he thought cross was the perfect antidote. Nice work out there, boys!

The Killer Bs (3/4) were next. Hup was well represented with PVB, Rosey, Yash all lining up. IBC pals Ctodd and JJ were flying the flag for the Boston area. Ronnie S was doing Gamache proud. Mike and Koley were showing that Harborside is going to be a force this season. Jeff K also lined up with the 3/4s and showed the boys how to do it on a mountain bike.

Next up was the ladies open race. Rebecca, Kerry and Meg all flew the Hup colors. Rebecca went old school with the original green Hup strip. She was keen to see if her hard work over the past year has paid off. She had a great start and pushed her technical skills to the max. She rode strong all race and was very pleased. Kerry had a great ride too, coming in 1 spot behind her Hup teammate. Meg had a blistering second and third lap and moved up to 4th by the finish. Nice work, ladies!

Did I miss not racing? Not really. I have a plan and I'm sticking to it. But now I am psyched for Sucker Brook. Time to test myself and see if my training has been working. It was great seeing lots of familiar faces. Cross effin rules.