Monday, August 13, 2007

Gut check

On a whim, I decided to attend a Root 66 MTB race yesterday to see how the form was coming along. I had trainied pretty hard the week before including Saturday, so I wasn't expecting much. Well, I didn't get much except for a kick in the head. I had a lousy start and got tangled with a couple other guys. I watched Myette's group ride off into the sunset. I got into the singletrack in around 10th or 11th and picked off 4 or 5 guys by the end of lap 1. I got another guy at the start of lap two (of three) and was in around 5th - 6th. Then, I tanked it pretty hard on sweetly-burmed fast turn. I kept thinking "no brakes, no brakes" but I think I feathered the front brake a bit and down I went. It rung my bell pretty good. I got up, dusted myself off and got going, but the power wasn't there and I started to get a really bad headache. I packed it in. I got in 35 minutes of pretty good intensity, so that was a plus. And the legs actually felt pretty good.

Rest day today and then another good week of training.

I swear I wasn't checking her out...