Monday, February 4, 2008

How to look like a jackass in front of Rabo mechanics...

The Rabobank mechanics for Lars Boom stayed at our hotel. His camper was there and everything. Well, everything except Lars. At breakfast Sunday morning, there was a little small talk.
I asked "so will it be Sven Nys or Lars Boom?"
Very puzzled look from Mr. Rabo. "Huh?"
"To win today, Sven Nys or Lars Boom?"
"I don't understand what svennees is"
"Sven or Lars?"
"Oh! You meant to say 'Nys'"

Lesson learned. It's Nys as in nīs, not nēs. Get it right, jackass.

The Belgians love the Belgians. The Italians love everyone. Except maybe...

Belgian goes by...everyone cheers
JP goes by...everyone cheers
Italian goes by...most everyone cheers, but the Italians make up for those who aren't by cheering really freakin' loud and going bonkers
Last placed rider from Norway goes by...I cheer with the Italians and the Belgians look at me funny
Next lap Parbo goes by...I cheer and even the Italians look at me funny

One guy looks at me and points at Parbo.

"Hairy legs."

No respect.


If you like cyclo-cross, you owe it to yourself to go to Worlds at least once in your life.
If you love cyclo-cross, you must go to Worlds as soon as possible.

Water? Nah...

Trattoria Owner: Posso offrirle qualcosa?
Me: Il Vino rosso della casa, per favore.
TO: Aqua?
M: No, grazie.
TO: [in English] Water is for washing in the morning anyway.