Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dog days of cross?

Lots of long-faced race reports from the weekend. What's up? Come on fellow racers. We just turned the half way point. There are still at least* 10 more New Belgium races left on the schedule. I can understand. Going into Agawam and Sucker Brook, people were psyched because cross was finally here. Then, New Belgium Worlds in Gloucester kept people full of piss and vinegar. But the intesity is hard to keep up with. And expectations grow. And we are all a "you're only as good as your last result" type of crowd. And the races are getting harder on the legs. And there is less daylight to ride/train in. Hey, that's cross. These are the things we look forward to from January until August. So turn that frown upside-down. You will be a better person and bike racer for it. Stay focused. Work really hard on your recovery after races. Be efficient with your riding time. Make it count or simply rest. No time for junk miles now. Consider this weekend. Two of the longest running and hghly touted New Belgium races of the year at Plymouth and Putney. Race on the courses where legends were made and souls were crushed. Then we are treated to either our "local" GP down in Trenton or the choice between 3 great races up here. Then Sterling, which is quickly becoming a classic thanks to the design and organization talents of one Tom Stevens. The return of the Palmer race! Another grass roots weekend to work off the left-over turkey (or tofurkey) sandwiches. And the culmination of season at the final Verge weekend. Make it hard! Combine the two beach sections at Warwick! We aren't sissies!

So for Runkel's sake. Would ya smile? Stop being tired or sick or bruised or bleeding or whatever. It's cross season. The greatest time of the year.

*stay tuned. RFLCS is trying to put something together.