Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cross in New Germany?

So, we are here. Here being our new home of Milwaukee, WI. It was a long drive, but we had a tremendous surprise mid-way when we had breakfast with Rosey at an IHOP in Avon, OH. Our paths crossed simply by chance and what a great treat it was. That boy looks fit and appears happy after riding 3800+ miles across the country. He has inspired me to ride home from WI next summer. And even though my trip will only be 20% of what his is going to end up doing, I will feel a bit connected to him by it. Maybe I can even talk him into coming with me!

Everyone has been incredibly nice and helpful so far. It's a wonder we actually get by in spite of ourselves back in New England. Rarely do you see people go out of there way for a stranger. It seems like the norm here. If only...

Rebecca is flying right now and is really psyched for cross. I, on the other hand, am a bit behind in my preparations. But I will be going back to MA for the month of August to do three things: finish the bikes I have on order, study for the MCAT and ride my fat ass off. Well, at least 5 pounds of my fat ass hopefully. Judging by my current condition, I am writing off September and most of October with the hope of coming on strong later. Maybe I'll even give a poke at Nationals. Hell, I'd have the opportunity to race the collegiate race and the 30+ race. Pretty cool, right?

More updates to come. But I can say one thing. All of the bike riders I have met out here so far are psyched for cross. I'm looking forward to ripping it up with them!


IF Chicks said...

Great to hear you are settling in. Good Luck to Reb tomorrow !! I start up my new job.

I hope you come out to KC in Dec, hey if I can drive from MA, you are even closer !

See you soon, i guess. Maybe I can stop by the zank bike factoy to say hey...can you race Aug 24th in Agawam ?? :)

Cyclocross Magazine said...

glad to hear you made it alive. we can't wait to you're building bikes again. enjoy the new setting!

C-BOMB said...


You're going to med school? That's awesome. We will miss you this fall for sure.

muddy curmudgeon said...

your gonna climb out of those med school books and go back to new england and think it looks just like new england and rename it New-new england. Can't the cheese state just be the cheese state?


EyeBob said...

Good for ya!

See you at Natz, well, maybe....


CXRACER said...

Hey Z ' shoot me a call when you can at 603-244-9745. Hope you are well.

DYG said...

Welcome to Wisco! See you at the Planet Bike races next weekend at the Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prarie. It has been one of my favorite venues in years past, and I'm sure this year will be just as fun. The course goes through a roofed pavilion structure that gets packed with screaming fans who offer dollar primes and beer hand-ups to the racers. Quite a few pros will be there, including Page, Timmy J, the Wells bros, and Molly:

-- David G (aka Sachs Boy), Madison WI

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