Thursday, August 30, 2007

Testing...Testing...1.2.3...Testing...Is this thing on?

I started my cross preparation on July 2, after racing mtb in the spring and early summer. I began week 9 this week and it was time for a test. I have never done this type of "Power Profile" test before. Basically, you are trying to capture your best 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute powers. Convert them to Watts per kg and then see where your limiters are. Here is how the workout is supposed to go:

20 min warmup
3 x 1 minute high cadence intervals to prepare your musles and heart. 1 minute rest in between.
5 minutes rest
5 minute all out effort
10 minute rest
2 x 1 minute all out efforts with 5 minutes rest in between
10 minute rest
3 x 20 second all out efforts with 3 minutes rest in between
10 minute rest
20 minute time trial
20 minute cooldown

This was a hard workout in and of itself. I cracked myself pretty good on the 1 minute efforts. Here are the results.
Weigh in that morning - 156.5 pounds
Average 5 minute power - 347 watts, 4.87 watts/kg, Avg HR - 180 bpm
Average 1 minute power - 516 watts, 7.25 watts/kg, Avg HR - 177 bpm
Average 5 second power - 1057 watts, 14.86 watts/kg
Average 20 minute power - 238 watts, 3.35 watts/kg, Avg HR - 176 bpm

I am pleased with the results considering the order in which the intervals were done. I am very happy with the 5 minute power because that is what I have been spending time training to get ready for cross, along with threshold power. But I was really having a tough time recovering after the second 1 minute interval. I have done higher 5 second powers in sprint workouts (1176 watts is my best) and I have done better 20 minute powers in hard group rides and threshold interval workouts ( 260 watts is my best). I have been using 250 as my functional threshold power in my workouts and I will keep it there. I will repeat this test again at the end of September to see if I make progress in this next block of training.


Yash Katsumi said...

What do you use for your powermeter?

zank said...

Powertap 2.4

It has changed my riding for sure.

josh said...

ahh...the benefits of being a light don't need to be throwin down huge wattage numbers to have a nice high w/ sure you've noticed that with the weight loss.

zank said...

I hear that, Josh. I am working hard to get down to my college weight of 66 kilos (slow and steady though!). If I just maintain the power at that point, I will be doing well.

josh said...

Yea man. If I had your power output numbers I would have some silly ratios: 5min at 6.36w/kg. 1min at 9.46w/kg. 5s at 19.39w/kg, and 20min at 4.36w/kg. But I don't. I don't have a pm either so I have no idea what my numbers are, but I want one. Badly.

Craig said...

Your numbers are looking quite good, enough so that you should be riding towards the front of the B race. Sure they are only numbers, but you know how to make the best of them, glad to see the hard work paying off. For racing around here I think that 1-5 min power if much more important than having a huge 20 min power. At least for the races around here, unless it's a TT you get enough time to recover, sure raising the bar raises everything, but bring what ya got.

zank said...

Craig, thanks for the encouragement! See you at the races?

Josh, the PM is really a great tool. Especially for a data junkie like me.

Craig said...

I should be there..depending on the school schedule..22 credits doesn't leave many hrs to train. In any case my FT is below your and I'm adding 8kg to that morning weight, so I have a bit anchor to throw when I blow.