Friday, September 14, 2007

48 hours

I can't sleep. I keep visualizing Sucker Brook. I feel like Mike in Rounder's. Seeing himself at the final table in the World Series. Instead of Brunson and Chan, I see PVB and Ziemba. Holeshot? Sit in? Lead the group? Follow the wheels? What's it going to feel like 30 minutes in? Big group? Shattered mess? Scrum City in the second turn? Single file? Elbows? Clean? Crash? FUCK!!! How am I going to work today?


matt said...

dude... chill. think pre season on this one. work out the machine. try something stupid. drop out. do the two races. save the nervous energy for Fort SP.

matt said...

and one more thing: you'd better get your a$$ on that front row.

JJ said...

thats why i took today off.

im gonna give you the same advise everyone gave me:

first race.
long season.
chill the fook out.


Yash Katsumi said...

I will Answer those questions for you..

1) Holeshot? No, it is too taxing.

2) Sit in? YES.

3) Lead the group? Depeneds on question #1

4) Follow the wheels? only for a bit, then power through riding away on a bike made of their bones.

5) What's it going to feel like 30 minutes in? Like you just gave birth to Sevn Nijs(Circa 2006)

6)Big group? 40 max

7) Shattered mess? Possibly.

8) Scrum City in the second turn? I am not sure what that is.

9) Single file? Yes.

10) Elbows? Give headbutts.

11) Clean? PVB B-sample came back "Suspicious"

12) Crash? No

13)FUCK!!! Maybe.

14) How am I going to work today? Pretend to look really busy.

josh said...

benefit # 7 of being a college student: being done with class at noon to have the rest of the day to ride/wash the kit, and not have to use the brain. in fact, i spent the better part of my second class reading the nytimes, since i couldnt really focus. AND I already raced one this year, so you'd think the jitters would be out of the way

megA said...


You will ROCK this weekend. But only if you let yourself rest and get ready. Mental energy wasted is still energy. And you will need that energy to raise the banner of HUP and crush it.

Much love,

JJ said...

nice work dude. im still in awe. seriously.

nice riding dude!
but look at your #6 answer "40max?" try 59!!!
aww yeah. thast more than Canton, yo.

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