Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Material: part one

There were some bikes rolling out of paint. One of which was my pit bike. I am headed out to Cleveland for work this week, so everything will get built and/or shipped on Monday.

The pit/training/travel/winter bike has S&S Couplers and braze-ons for bottles and fenders, but the geometry is identical to my race bike. The frame is heavy with the couplers (about 2050 grams). About a full pound heavier than I expect the race frame to be. The fork came in at 790 grams (with steerer cut).

Build spec:
2005 Campagnolo Centaur Ergopower and derailleurs
2007 Centaur UT crank with TA Vento 39/46 rings
2007 Chorus Ultra Narrow chain
Ritchey WCS stem and WCS Classic bar
Thomson Elite seatpost
Fizik Arione saddle and bar tape
King headset
Spooky Al brakes and Yehstar pads
Egg Beater pedals
Tubular Wheels:
DT 240S hubs and quick releases
Mavic Reflex Ceramic rims
Sapim Laser spokes
Chorus 13/26 cassette
FMB SSC 34 tubulars
Clincher Wheels:
DT 240S hubs and quick releases
Mavic Open Pro rims
Sapim Race spokes
Centaur 13/26 Cassette
Mud 2 tires

I want reliable bikes that will last a bunch of seasons. The paint is all HUP.


JJ said...

wow. very purdy. very very purdy.

Don said...

Belgian blue is HOT!!!

TomN said...


matt said...

gloucester reg was moved again to friday in case you don't catch it on bike reg.

matt said...

and nice bike too. lets see the build!

megA said...

holy hupster zankman!

that bike really puts the hot in HOT

josh said...


Craig said...

Zank - I like the build choices. I'm with you on just about everything ('cept my butt loves the SSM Rolls). Question - I curious to hear your take on DT Swiss 240s vs. Record hubs. Why did you go DT over Campy in this department? Just wondering because I'm planning another set of tubbies. Cheers


zank said...

Craig, I chose the DTs at the time because the silver Record hubs were being discontinued and very hard to get from my distribution base. And the new black Record hubs had not yet arrived. It came down to availability at the time. Now, 9 months later and not having actually ridden them, I could have waited for the new Record hubs. I will say that I am very impressed with the DT products. The bearings feel really smooth. I guess we'll see how they hold up to a season in the dirt, but I know the 240 mtb hubs hold up really well. So I am not too worried.