Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well, I guess we go to LI

Erwin is pre-registered for the LI UCI races. Port Geoffe fairy, here we come. I'll do anything to see the rainbow jersey on this continent.



CCC said...

That's huge. Are you planning to race the 3/4s as well?

Moveitfred said...

Will you smear in hair gel and sport the gold bling?

Second thought, forget the hair gel.

gewilli said...

i think the hint of pink hat peaking out under Zank's helmet is enough...

every time i saw him sitting on a wheel (never saw him leading, only always on a wheel) that damn pink visor made me think dog penis...

(I think i've been reading too much bikesnobNY)

IF Chicks said...

Well I guess Erwin and $4k for prizes will get people to go to Long Island. You will have to get a t-shirt to give him. Your mission: get pictures of you and the world champ..
maybe he will want your bike :)

josh said...

i'd be riding shotgun with ya....but its the maine weekend. our one chance to have a race close to our "home" (away from home).

that said.....maybe we'll make the 8-9 hour drive (thats before traffic)....

zank said...

ccc, I will do the 2/3 race. Should be good prep for the 2/3 races in the Verge series, gloucester in particular.

fred, I did the gel thing in middle school. spikey hair. scary sh*t. that is buried under the rest of the skeletons in my closet.

yo G, I am the worlds greatest wheelsucker.I did do a fair bit of the pace making on the first 4 laps, but was holding on for dear life on laps 5-8. And you're lucky I didn't get a full pink zank skinsuit.

Kerry, maybe I can get him to sign my bike!

Josh, keep the rubber side down at the Downeast races. We're looking for some good race reports.

CTodd said...

Zank - go for the ful pink skinsuit.

c'mon. I need todcast material!

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