Friday, October 26, 2007

A good scrap is in store

Tomorrow will be fun. 7 or 8 of us will fight tooth and nail for the title of Dayville Adventure Sports Cross Cup cat 3/4 champion. The easy call would be a Ronnie, or a Colin, or a Josh, or a Kenny to win. But there are some other scrappers in the mix. Oscar could surprise, Feltslave could destroy souls and Matt could put someone's heart in the blender. I see this one getting personal. Much attacking. Much name calling. Much bumping. Much down and dirty, take no prisoners, spit in your opponent's eye racing.

Whatever the result, one of us will be able to stand tall at Canton the next day as the DAS Cross Cup cat 3/4 champion. If I win, I am going to have a special skinsuit made.


Colin R said...

With our luck someone who has no business in Cat 3 (*cough* Lipka *cough*) will show up and tear all our legs off.

My excuse is that I was off the bike for 8 days because of sickness. Expect it to get used early and often if things go badly.

If you look at da numbers, my pick for the win is Ronnie, although with a ton of rain overnight anything can happen.

TomN said...

Add some rain in with that crew and it has the makings of a New England classic. Have fun fellas!

zank said...

It looks like I am always teh bridesmaid in that group.

Ron Steers said...

Alright, why are you guys not pre registering for these races. I like to know who I'm racing against beore I show up. Is this a way for you guys to get into my head, because it is working.
My prediction for the win (with no offense to anyone else because there are many strong riders who could win at the drop of a hat) is a toss up between Mike Z and Kenny A. The two of them have been riding very strong and finish very close to each other every race. I just hope my legs allow me to mix it up with them. I 've got the dice in my hand and I am ready to roll them. See you in the A.M


Can you tell which on of us is married with 3 kids(??)....and only has 5 races to your avg 15 races.....don't worry Ronnie Boy, your newborn will have you staying home in no time....,my money is on Ronnie Steers....I predict a DFL for me!

matt said...

I'm going to do the smart thing and sit this one out. My $$$ is on Mr. Kenny. He's a mudder.

JB said...

'His father was a mudder, and his mother was a mudder'.

I'm rooting for feltslave to carry the flag of those with form killers (aka kids) at home.

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