Monday, November 5, 2007

Hard weekend

Instead of the standard blow by blow, I wanted to do something a bit different this week. Kind of an overall account of Chainbiter and Cycle-Smart. Frankly, it is because I had two pretty boring races. They both went like this. Started slow. Got faster in the middle. Felt great for the last two laps. I wish they were both two laps longer.

At first I was a bit disappointed with my results (24th on Saturday and 35th on Sunday). But looking back, I am very pleased. I think both of the races were harder and more selective than Gloucester. The courses, Chainbiter in particular, were much heavier on the legs and I think bike-handling skills counted more. And I think the competition is pretty fierce in our group. Everyone is pretty tight. On a sharp day, when you have those hard accelerations in your legs, you can get top 20. On a duller day, when you lose 5 extra seconds a lap, you are back in the 30s or 40s. It's relentless. I love it.

More later. I am headed to Syracuse for work this week. I will be on my trainer in the hotel room pissing off the people below me.

Congrats to all on their fine finishes this weekend. It's been awesome seeing our band of merry bike racers get bigger every week. I don't know what Rebecca and I will do next year when we show up to the cross races and not know a soul. My voice won't be as roughed up on Mondays from all of the yelling. Who will we share cake with?


92degrees said...

Okay, I'm lost -- where will you be next season? Steve


Zank - thanks a million for the swag. My wife digs the pink Z. I wore the winter Z this am. I owe you now, you at lowell?

Robert said...


There's swag available?

Lets hope there are some tall cross socks available with the "Z" logo.



CCC said...

Solid ride yesterday, Zank!

Zoo said...

Where you gonna be next year? You just about talked me into racing for HUP next year but there's no point if you won't be there :P

Hey good job at the race yesterday, got some cool pics of you on my blog.