Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick report

More later. I am running out the door for NH and ME travels this week. Quick thoughts.

Two awesome races. Finally some biting cold temps. Some sweet slick-as-snot mud at Putney.
The Hup women are riding out of their minds.
Jimbo, Matisonic and Jay looked awesome flying the Hup flag for the men.
Great to see Bob T getting some great results again after his battle with Lyme.
GeWilli makes fantastic cookies.
The Waterboy and his son Sean get stronger every freakin' week.
Brant had a storming ride at Putney.
Cort is now making quick work of the Bs. That didn't take long. Sandbagger :-)
I have to re-glue Josh's other wheel for him. There must have been a glue shortage in ME when these were originally done.
Don't underestimate an expert mtb racer's tactics in a 4-up sprint.
Don't make a tactical blunder going into a 4-up sprint and expect anything better than 4th in said sprint.
Chris B has a big motor.


Colin R said...

i might have ended up ahead of you at the end, but man, you were no doubt stronger throughout the race. that headwind bailed me out big time. super fun racing you guys though!

Peter said...

Mike, nice meeting you and your better half after the race.
Some photos of the C&B races are here: