Monday, September 24, 2007


Yikes! What a mess behind!

deep in the pain cave
Yesterday was hard. Yesterday was fun. Yesterday sucked. Quad Cycles hosted their first annual cross race in Bedford, MA on Sunday. e-RICHIE commented on how the club did a fantastic job putting on the race and how the venue is perfect for cyclocross. I have to agree. It was a good, hard race that was very well run.

The day was going very well. The good doctor got a taste of leading a race for a lap, Sarah and Mattison continue moving up the ranks in their fields, Josh and Tom stomped the front of the 4 race, Mikey S made his first showing of the season disguised as old captain grey beard, Mark "The Waterboy" crushed the souls of all others in the 3/4 35+ race with a huge win, CTodd pedaled his crushed soul to 3rd behind Mark, Brant had a killer ride in the 1/2/3 35+, and so many of our pals were there to hang out with.

The first bummer of the day was some pals were shut out of races due to small field limits. Kenny A was psyched to race, but was not allowed to start. PVB and James did the 1/2/3 race. The second, but more major, bummer came during our race. I lined up for the 3/4 race in the new zank kit. Rosey and I were flying UTR in royal blue. Yash and Josh were in there in Belgian Blue. Hey, who's that in the Quebec "national" kit? Damn good lookin' legs for a fella. Whoa! Look at that tush. Damn he's hot! Oh wait. That's Lynn Bessette.

This course was a little more heavy than Sucker Brook. The grass was a little slower and there was a good run up to test how us bike racers do on foot. Some fun "S" turns, one set of planks, lots of other corners and some good false flat uphills.

I was in the second row of the field of 50 starters. Not ideal, but there was plenty of room to pass. The gun goes off and it was a little sketchy through the first few corners. I picked my way through as best as I could until the run up. The traffic made the descent a little hairy as seen in the photo above. Thanks for the photos, Bob! As I came down into the field, I got a clear view of the field. I was sitting around 4th and Myette was leading the way. He had super legs going, putting the hurt on everyone. I was working hard with my pal Ronnie. Rosey bridged up to us by lap 3, rode with us a little bit, then leapt across the gap to Myette and a Cambridge Bicycles guy who is the current World Messenger Champion and an accomplised cat 2 on the road. Lynn also went through our group and up to Scott, Matt and World's fast guy. So the 4 of them were duking it out and I was with Ronnie and another dude. Our group of 3 was working well together, but I came unglued right around 2 to go. And that was the point of major bummer number 2. Myette rolled his ankle something major. Photos and story here. Matt has been working so hard all season and is in super shape right now. The good thing is this guy is a hockey player. He knows what its like to work through pain. Mark my words. He'll be back on the trainer by the end of the week and will be on the start line at Glouecster. The guy is all heart.

Anyway, I gave it everything I could through the last two laps. I just tried to limit my losses and consolidate my place. The heat and dust were putting the hurt on me. With Matt's unfortunate exit, I was sitting in 6th. But Colin R was charging hard behind me. He passed me just after the "S" turns and kicked it hard to establish a gap. I had no answer. There was another guy gaining ground too, but I held on for 7th. Completely cracked. I don't know how some of you guys do two races in one day. I was destroyed. Yash rocked it and made his goal of top 20. PVB and Dan C had fantastic races in the 1/2/3 race, which was dominated at the front my Jeremy Powers and Matt White.

3 more points in the bank. I would have much rathered 2 though with Matt still in the race.

Last weeks rest week bored me to tears. Lot's of hard miles planned for this week. Then Amesbury on Sunday. Should be a hoot!


CTodd said...


You were looking pretty strong out there! After DNFing the Elites on Sudnay I may head back to the 3/4 double double. I am in the hurt locker still.

See ya Sunday!

Colin R said...

when i figured out it was you in front of me at end i had two thoughts:

1) holy crap zank got fast
2) this is really going to hurt, but i have to catch him

good racing dude!

Robert said...

Zank, those photos that you posted looked a little blurred. I know that they were not my best efforts and that sometimes in dim light I forget to open the f-stop, but when I edited them they didn't look that blurred. Do they lose some quality when you post them? I wonder. Just asking. IF so, I can always send you the unedited versions to see if it helps with the clarity. Actually, on second thought, there were several that I took right at that same spot that came out a little blurred. I'll work on it a bit.


TomN said...

Nice racing again Zank! You are looking STRONG this season. It's great to see all your hardwork paying huge dividends. See you at Amesbury.

josh said...

im scared to think of what you are going to be capable of when you "peak"

rosey said...

i think that picture is the last time Silva saw the lead group. Way to go Zank. Next time I tell you to get on my wheel, I expect you to do it. I know you can because you followed me for 6 laps at Sucker Brook.

Ron Steers said...

Nice ride yesterday. You are definately a threat to the killer b's. I have to say that your wife definately helped get me through the race yesterday. At one point when you ,Rosey (before he left us in the dust)and myself were riding together, all I could hear was Rebecca saying, go Mike, go Scott, Go Ron, Go Mike. She was like a glimmer of sunlight shining into the pain cave, providing just enough light to let us see our way through. Tell her I said Thanks. I'm looking forward to another battle in Amesbury. See you then.

JJ said...

nice job mikey!! keep up the great work!

zank said...

ctodd - congrats to you on your 35+ race! We miss you in our race though. Come back!

colin r - you crushed my soul and rode away on a bike made of my bones.

eyebob - the photos are awesome! But, I know you are a PRO and a perfectionist. I just really liked these three photos, especially the ones showing hte chaos on the first lap downhill. I think a little blur was important to punctuate the scrum.

tom and josh - you fellas looked super strong, especially considering you each had one or two races in your legs from the previous day. You guys dominated that race. Awesome work!

rosey and ronnie - Damn, you guys were flying. As Bob said somewhere else, I was OK for the first 5 laps. Then the pace you guys set took its toll on me. It is so much fun racing up there with you guys though. See you at Amesbury!

JJ - We miss you!!!!Come back soon!

Shinomaster said...

Quad cycles effin rules!!!

Anonymous said...

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