Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Second thoughts

Do I really want to go to Long Island? There are only 5 people registered for the 2/3 race on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, including me. 54 people total on Saturday and 49 on Sunday, but most of them are elite men or women. It will feel like going to watch a pro sporting event. Yawn. Yeah, Erwin will be there. That's a plus. But it will be odd lining up with only a handful of guys. This year, I want to race, not watch. I was hoping for a primer before Gloucester. Is it worth $120 round trip for a ferry ride? Well, hopefully there will be a surge in entries over the next week and a half!


Moveitfred said...


You just summed up Long Island.

Imagine a land with a sizeable racing team, yet almost nobody has reg'd for a world-class event in the backyard.

Help! Somebody throw a life raft!

They'll be a number of day-of registrations, for sure, but don't expect big things in anything outside the elites.

Hey, if the weather's pleasant you can get a bottle of wine and go to the beach.

Colin R said...

Just FYI, last year B men was 18 racers on Saturday and 20 racers on Sunday.

josh said...

No!!! L.I. sucks. Trust me, I live nearby, I can see it across the sound.

You should come to Maine (wow, never thought I'd be saying that). With a little luck this Sunday, Maine will be my debut as a full time B. We'll see what a fresh me can do in a killer b field.

I'll come up with some sort of offer to entice you to come to Maine. Right now I am leaning towards going out to dinner somewhere really good in either portland or freeport. Or a post race trip to the outlet stores in freeport (I'm not the shopping type, but the ll bean store is freakin cool, and getting clothes super cheap is always nice). I'm open to suggestions though.

Zoo said...

there's always the Amesbury race...

Colin R said...

zoo: wrong weekend.

josh: did you just try to seduce zank to our state with SHOPPING? WTF DUDE!

zank said...

yeah, WTF dude???!!??!?!?!

e-RICHIE said...

you should go to support the event. myles works very hard to make this work - it is historically the first UCI weekend for the east coast. it's a great course, too. we have gone the last 4 seasons and were going in 07 long before irving registered atmo.

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