Thursday, October 4, 2007

The black cat got lucky this time

That kitty was lucky I wasn't a car or motorcycle. On my way home last night from my ride, a black cat darted out into the road right in front of me. Oh crap. Weight back, lighten the front end. Ba-Thump Ba-Thump. Cat darts away. It felt like a root at Amesbury. Lucky for the kitty I lost twenty pounds. Luckier still I wasn't on a Ducati. Sad for me though. A Ducati would be nice to have.


josh said...

Did you hear about the squirrel that I nearly hit mid-race at amesbury? Thing runs out, I turn slightly in the direction it is coming from so it will go in front of me, it stops, I turn, it moves to be in front of my new path and stops, I get ready to bunnyhop, it scrambles away last second. That got some funny comments from a few spectators that were right there. I think I said to the guy riding behind me "gives new meaning to a bunnyhop" shortly thereafter.

gewilli said...

as a rule on the bike/car the squirrel is counting on you maintaining speed and trajectory...

besides - the damn squirrel probably was better traction than the loose dirt in spots! ;)

I know a few folks who would have tried to do the old Poster taped to the sidewalk skid when the rear wheel hit the cat!