Friday, October 5, 2007

It's all puppy dogs and rainbows...or something like that

I have this epic training ride planned for today. I am not going to LI this weekend because I need to finish some bikes before New Blegium Worlds next weekend. So today is a monster. I'll be lucky if I can walk later.

Anyway, Josh and Feltslave have both commented on what they think about when they ride. The long, solitary miles gives one much time to think. I think a lot. About my wife, my family, my friends, the world, my job, my co-workers (the other group that doesn't fall under the "friends" tag), frame building, politics, physics, medicine, engineering, effing car, the MCAT, going back to school, physiology, dang she was cute, kids some day, house some day. Oh, and bike racing. Oh oh! Don't forget! A rainbow jersey some day.

Yeah, as dumb as it sounds, I think about a rainbow jersey some day. If you are going to dream, why not dream big? Goals and dreams are different. I know it will never be a white rainbow jersey. But what about a blue rainbow jersey? The place? Mol, Belgium. The event? The Master's World Cyclocross Championships. From what I understand, that course is HARD. Lot's of sand, lot's of heavy pedalling sections, lot's of pain. Lot's of tough old Belgians, Dutchmen, and French dudes just looking to rip the legs off some cheeky American and stuff his heart right into the microwave. Press high for 45 minutes until the damn thing explodes. Eff 'em I say. I'll crush their souls and ride away on a bike made of their bones.

I envision the kit. That beautiful blue rainbow skinsuit. The rainbow has to go all the way arond. No side panels and the bands MUST line up perfectly. How freakin' cool would it be to have the Hup United logo on a rainbow skinsuit? The anti-team team scores big. But what to do with the bottoms? Boonen/Bettini style with the rainbow bands running along the little triangle on the front of the bottoms? Or Cipo style with the bands running horizontally along the bottom of the short panel? A "U" panel with the rainbow bands running along the middle of the panel and around the back across the butt? Would Campagnolo sponsor me if I was Masters World Champion? That would be cool. Ohhhhhh, maybe Francois could make me some sick tubulars with blue sidewalls and rainbow bands. Some crazy cool knee warmers and leg warmers with the rainbow bands would be a must have. I have sketched out every piece of kit in my mind. From the skinsuit, jackets, vests and tights to gloves, shoe covers, caps and leg warmers. one must revere the rainbow and show proper respect with a classy kit. A full kit. Everything must be spotless on the start line. I heard that Sven had a new skinsuit for every race when he was World Champion. It must be tough with white. I wonder if he had lots and lots of jackets made because the mud from his warm ups may not come out perfectly in the wash. You can't have spots on the white rainbow jackets! It will be easier for me to keep the blue rainbow jackets clean.

Hey, dream big. Why not? Your thoughts are free. Spend them with abandon. I'm headed out the door with some tough old Belgian in my sights. I will cross paths with him some day in the future in the sand in Mol. I will get the holeshot. I won't look back. 45 minutes later, I will have that rainbow on my back. Why the hell not? I've already won this race 1000 times over in my head.

And that's what I think about when I ride.


Bob Kuhn said...

Please explain your epic workout today. I am intrigued!!

You can do well in masters world's, you just have to make a lot of sacrifices in your life to get there. Those that sacrifice the most usually gain the most. One suggestion would be to buy a scooter so you can get someone to motorpace you.

josh said...

bob is spot on with the moto. i did a fair amount of it this summer, worked wonders.

up at school we tractor pace. this time of year esp, there are tractors moving down the road, big suckers, going usually 20-30mph. faster is obvi better, but for ad hoc training, they work great when you find them.

nothing wrong with dreaming big. my default motivator is envisioning myself either crossing a line solo or sprinting out from a small group for the win, hands up, about to collapse from exhaustion and covered in sweat and dirt having really worked for it, and being the best on that day.

megA said...

hmmmm. . .mike cody left his scooter here that he bought for motor pacing--he would lke to sell it. hell--jay gump has myerson's old puch, and he'd like to give that away. . .

i like your dream zank. and i love that you allow yourself to dream big.

i have a lot to learn from my fellow huppers.

help me dream big too.


Robert said...


I more picture you in the short-sleeve dark blue "Zanconato" skin suit with the rainbow colors. You know, the one you already have made up, just waiting for the day to spring it on us?


JB said...

Great post. It's nice to have a long-term goal.

BTW, love your bikes, and I'm waiting about the next installment of 'how to build a frame'.

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